Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Wow, this is pretty scary! My first blog!! So here goes....

I attended the IDEX Doll Show in Orlando last month and I was pretty stressed out with the whole thing. I had been preparing for months and could never seem to get much progress. Finally during January I pulled it off and finished six pieces. I persuaded two good friends to go with me and off we set with eight pieces of luggage between us. Of course, six of those were mine.

I shared a booth with my fellow doll artist Lucia Frederichy and she helped pave the way for me! We had tons of fun and the dealers were great. I sold five of the six pieces and took orders and now I have lots of work to do. Here is a picture of Lucia's booth. Don't you just love her dolls??? I do.

And here is Lucia and I!!