Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tiaras and Tucker

I think I may be finished with these girls. You never know. I made their tiaras yesterday using the beads I had on hand. I never know what I have until I go looking for something. They were so fun I could have made more. (Sorry - no more good beads left). I used Swarovski crystals along with other beads.
I always think I can't do anything until I do it a few times. The first one was sort of awkward to do but the next one flowed pretty easily. My next doll will have a better one...ooh....can't wait!!!
I think the older girl needs a necklace.....maybe I have to go to the bead store after all.....
It would be a fun project to teach.
Now to get back to sculpting. I haven't done a face for so long I hope I haven't forgotten. I have an order for a baby/toddler that I need to do soon. I have one other face done that I am pretty excited about. But maybe she will have to wait until the baby gets done.
Real baby Tucker comes again today!! But only for a few hours.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sister fairies

Here are the fairy girls as far as I got today.


Getting her hair curled.....

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mall of America

I spent a fun and relaxing weekend with my mom and sisters. We just hung around IKEA and Mall of America and doing lots of visiting.
Today I am finishing up the fairy baby's hair and I made her a little cap. Once I curl the hair I will post a picture.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baby fairy again

Making progress! But, alas, I hear that real baby crying - the one I am babysitting today, tomorrow and Friday. He's been cranky this morning but I still love him and he is really really cute!
This baby will just sit quietly I am sure until I can give her some hair.
Wah! Wah!

Baby fairy

I got all organized yesterday. Just kidding! I got part way and found the fabrics and trim that I needed to start this next piece. Here is what the baby looked like yesterday......
Don't you love the brown spatters on the table? That's because I paint on there and you never can get paint only where it is supposed to go. It's an artistic touch!
Now I am going to do her big sister and see how far I can get.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Today might be a good day to organize fabric and trim. I like to put it off but then when I need something it is a disaster. I would like to dress a double piece that I made but that means I have to start searching for that right something and that means making a bigger mess from all the stuff I take out in search of the right thing!!
I am planning to make this piece into apple blossom fairies so I will probably need to start dying some fabrics into apple reds and greens!! Sounds exciting to me!!
I better get started.

Monday, April 20, 2009

My dear father-in-law

I am finally back home. After a week spent in Arizona we got the call on Easter Sunday that my husband's father had passed away.
We flew out there and spent a very bittersweet week with his family. Most of our kids were also able to be there.
My father-in-law lived 85 years. He left school in the third grade to help support his family. At age 15 he went to work at my husband's mother's farm where he met her. They were married for 63 years. They both spent their life working hard and raising their family.
They lived most of their life on the west coast.
He was a master craftsman and taught his boys many things. His love of perfection will be carried on in my husband.
My father-in-law will be missed greatly.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter weekend

Just wanted to send my Easter greetings to all. It is a beautiful weekend here in Minnesota. I am also remembering my dear father-in-law as he is a very sick man.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Back from Arizona!

Greetings from Scottsdale! Too bad we don't play golf! We had a lovely time and it was good to have a break from the long cold winter!

Awww.....Fish tacos!! So yummy! I had them twice! And how about chips/salsa/guacamole?? How good can that get?? Oh, yes, forgot the salad that hubby ate twice also!! He said it was delicious! (We love good food)!

Here we are hiking! We only went once. Too bad. We'll do more next time.

We even got an art show in! My husband liked this art! Now back to my own art!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


This will be my last post for at least a week because hubby and I are off to SUNNY PHOENIX!!! I hate to get too excited though.....usually that means something happens that doesn't allow me to go....
WE have had such miserable cold this winter - it just never ends. I won't even think of warmth today - maybe tomorrow.
So.....where was I? Oh, yes, the bonnets. The babies all got them! Some didn't quite fit them but they will have to grow into them. Such fun to make.!
THEN - I made two more purses. (See above - the second picture loaded sideways - don't know why - it was the right way in my computer). THEN - I said - ENOUGH! Back to the sculpting!
I sculpted a pair of arms yesterday for the small baby fairy I am working on (among other things). I don't like sculpting small - this baby will be about 15" - my eyes have to strain too much. I need a large magnifying glass. I can't imagine doing miniatures...
Anyways - today I am babysitting two grandkids. Their mom is finishing up her nursing program. She has five weeks left so I will help her out two days a week until she is done. I have a newborn and a two-year old!
Wish me luck! I hope I am not too old for this...
Today I am going to pack my suitcase!!!!!