Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Still Embarking

Whew!  After almost two years I all of a sudden decided to start this blog up again.  I won't even begin today to tell you what all has happened in these two short years.
I do know this that my life has totally been upended - not in a bad way - but upended all the same.
Maybe I can use my blog to find my way back again.  I don't know what "back" is anymore but I do know that I am lost.
I think if I could be content with a life that just lets things happen each day then I would be fine.  But I can't.  Life is too short.  I still want to do something - it's just that I don't know what that is yet.
I had a good thing going with my dolls and then slowly it twirled away from me. 
When I see pictures of dolls I love I get the burning in my heart to create again.  So it hasn't left me completely.  I just have to find a way to return to that place where I can create.
But first....
As most of you know we have moved.  I gave up my nice beautiful large messy studio.  It was drowning me anyways.  The more space I have the more messier I become.  The more stuff I collect.  More to trip over.  More to have to deal with and store.  The more guilt when I don't use it up.
I wish I could just buy supplies.  I love buying supplies.
But I had a place to go to everyday.  I had a reason to get up early and get started with something.  That's what kept me going.
Now I live in Buffalo - a town I went to high school in.  It feels like home.  But so far away from all of my conveniences that I depended on.  Well...we still have Cub, Target, etc.  What more do I need?
And...it has a market here for arts and crafts.  Maybe not the high end stuff but more the upscale garage sale stuff. 
It has a lake, bike trails and lots of friends nearby!
I have a nice beautiful house to live in.
The problem is that it is a rental.  Can't put too many holes in the walls and there is not a good place to make a mess - except in the basement.  I don't have ventilation, lighting, access to a sink and all that good stuff. 
There is a reason for everything and there is a plan for me.  I just don't know what it is yet.  Hopefully by the end of the year it will be apparent!
So stay tuned......