Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Dollery Show

I realized it has already been almost a month since I wrote. I guess I am too busy to take the time needed for this blog. So I will always be apologizing that I don't write often enough.
Anyways - I did the Dollery show and it was a great show. I sold a few dolls and got to talk to many collectors! We were not very optimistic going in that it would be good but once again we (us artists) found that the doll world is a good one to be in!!!
The first picture is of the new owner of three of my dolls! The second one is two of Jamie's dolls, the third is Diane setting her piece up and the fourth is the rest of my dolls.
I am including a few pictures so you get the feel of it and maybe some of you will come next year!
And now I am off to help my daughter clean her house pending their move out of state. (Boo-hoo.)