Sunday, November 9, 2008

The littlest angel

Over the weekend our church had it's annual craft and bake sale. Lots of people came!! It was pretty fun - I got there at 7:30 and didn't leave until 3. I made this angel doll for a drawing item. She is about 12 inches tall. We will be selling tickets until Dec. 5th. It was hard to go small but maybe I will do some more so it will come a little easier.
I may do a few more versions of this angel and put them on my website. We'll see if I have time....
Well, one week ago it was 70 degrees, today it is 25. I bought some Ugg boots to keep my feet warmer. It feels like I just plod along with them on. I prefer to wear something that lets me walk FAST.
Today I am going out to buy a little baby gift for my niece - her first baby girl!!
Talk later.....

Monday, November 3, 2008

This Past Week

I sculpted five heads! One of them got destroyed, two of them are maybe's and the other two are keepers!!! One of them is the usual size I do and the others are SMALL. It is hard to switch sizes but I still do it.
Our church is having a sale this weekend and I promised a doll for a drawing item. I wanted to do a smaller one so more people would have room for it. It takes just as long as a larger doll though because you still have to sculpt all of the parts!
It will be a little girl dressed up as an angel for a living Nativity scene. I think I will make her angel gown removable so she can be displayed all year.
Wish me luck, I only have a few more days and I still have all of my other dolls to finish!!!
I think it is okay to go outside the box every now and then. I really do like small dolls - they have some sort of magic to them. But they are hard on the eyes - very hard to get everything on the face lined up!!!!
Anyways, her second face turned out way better than the first. I will post pictures when I finish her.
This morning I ordered some more supplies - I do that pretty well!! I am finally getting a supply of wool felt. I want to make some small dolls for my big dolls to hold and maybe make some clothing with it. Fun, fun!!
I also bought my airline tickets for IDEX so the pressure is mounting to have some dolls done for that wonderful show!! I will try not to get overwhelmed. We have to fit in a Christmas trip to Colorado to visit my daughter and family since they moved away on us.....
Today it is supposed to be 70 degrees!! I will have to get out for a run. Thursday promises snow....back to reality.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Dollery Show

I realized it has already been almost a month since I wrote. I guess I am too busy to take the time needed for this blog. So I will always be apologizing that I don't write often enough.
Anyways - I did the Dollery show and it was a great show. I sold a few dolls and got to talk to many collectors! We were not very optimistic going in that it would be good but once again we (us artists) found that the doll world is a good one to be in!!!
The first picture is of the new owner of three of my dolls! The second one is two of Jamie's dolls, the third is Diane setting her piece up and the fourth is the rest of my dolls.
I am including a few pictures so you get the feel of it and maybe some of you will come next year!
And now I am off to help my daughter clean her house pending their move out of state. (Boo-hoo.)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall in Minnesota

This week is one of the reasons we LOVE MINNESOTA!! Warm fall days, leaves just beginning to change.....and bike rides in the park!!!!
Better get back to work....

Friday, May 9, 2008

Sheep and Wool Festival

I am pretty excited! I am going to a sheep and wool festival tomorrow! I am hoping to find some great fibers to use for my black doll's hair. My other source dried up so now I get to see and feel before I buy! Of course it may all be dyed funky colors but hopefully someone will have some natural browns and blacks. If not at least I can make some new contacts and even learn a thing or two.!
Pictured here is Sierra, I sold her at the Dollery Show last fall.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Wow, this is pretty scary! My first blog!! So here goes....

I attended the IDEX Doll Show in Orlando last month and I was pretty stressed out with the whole thing. I had been preparing for months and could never seem to get much progress. Finally during January I pulled it off and finished six pieces. I persuaded two good friends to go with me and off we set with eight pieces of luggage between us. Of course, six of those were mine.

I shared a booth with my fellow doll artist Lucia Frederichy and she helped pave the way for me! We had tons of fun and the dealers were great. I sold five of the six pieces and took orders and now I have lots of work to do. Here is a picture of Lucia's booth. Don't you just love her dolls??? I do.

And here is Lucia and I!!