Monday, November 3, 2008

This Past Week

I sculpted five heads! One of them got destroyed, two of them are maybe's and the other two are keepers!!! One of them is the usual size I do and the others are SMALL. It is hard to switch sizes but I still do it.
Our church is having a sale this weekend and I promised a doll for a drawing item. I wanted to do a smaller one so more people would have room for it. It takes just as long as a larger doll though because you still have to sculpt all of the parts!
It will be a little girl dressed up as an angel for a living Nativity scene. I think I will make her angel gown removable so she can be displayed all year.
Wish me luck, I only have a few more days and I still have all of my other dolls to finish!!!
I think it is okay to go outside the box every now and then. I really do like small dolls - they have some sort of magic to them. But they are hard on the eyes - very hard to get everything on the face lined up!!!!
Anyways, her second face turned out way better than the first. I will post pictures when I finish her.
This morning I ordered some more supplies - I do that pretty well!! I am finally getting a supply of wool felt. I want to make some small dolls for my big dolls to hold and maybe make some clothing with it. Fun, fun!!
I also bought my airline tickets for IDEX so the pressure is mounting to have some dolls done for that wonderful show!! I will try not to get overwhelmed. We have to fit in a Christmas trip to Colorado to visit my daughter and family since they moved away on us.....
Today it is supposed to be 70 degrees!! I will have to get out for a run. Thursday promises snow....back to reality.

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