Sunday, January 25, 2009

Black fairy dolls for IDEX are done!

These are my black girl dress-up fairies that I just finished! They were tons of fun! I had never made fairy wings before and I had a photography deadline so it was an interesting day.
The wings are three layers of dyed silk organza fused together with wire in between two of the layers. I kept them pretty plain because the dresses had enough going on but you could jazz them up quite a bit! Most of the trims, lace and ribbons for this whole piece ended up in the dye bath. It really doesn't matter what color they start out at if it is a light color. You can dip it enough times and end up with a color that matches.
I have these fabulous dyes called "Colorhue". They are instant, permanent and easy. Such fun!

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Jen said...

Just beautiful. Such detail!