Friday, February 6, 2009

My daughter's blog.

I was reading my daughter's blog this morning and chuckling. She writes as though you are right there with her and it just makes me smile.
You see, she lives far away but now I can visit with her everyday that she writes. She is listed as a follower of my blog (abelmable). Take a look!
It is fun when your children take after you.......I can picture myself at her stage of life doing the same things. Some of my other daughters are also managing their families and doing "crafty" stuff mixed in! It looks tiring to me until I remember they are younger than me.
I started when I had my first two girls. We had this huge kitchen table (still have it) and I had my oil painting studio on one end. I was taking some painting classes at the time. We then moved to a travel trailer out in the woods while we were building our house. I was doing decorative painting then on wood. I remember my second daughter getting into my paints.....all over her face....
Then I saw these cool straw wreaths. You couldn't buy them so I got a bale of straw and MADE them. I decorated them with corn husk dolls and sold them at a local craft sale....
Can you imagine what a mess that trailer was???
From then on I was always doing something. Somehow I ended up making these dolls and I have stuck with it for over 10 years now.
I get to do all kinds of art while working on them.! This year I hope to try some more creative stuff with them.....we'll see....!
Now I have hands to make before I go off to yoga.

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able mabel said...

You have to say nice things about my blog because you're my mom and that's what mom's do. ;)