Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tiaras and Tucker

I think I may be finished with these girls. You never know. I made their tiaras yesterday using the beads I had on hand. I never know what I have until I go looking for something. They were so fun I could have made more. (Sorry - no more good beads left). I used Swarovski crystals along with other beads.
I always think I can't do anything until I do it a few times. The first one was sort of awkward to do but the next one flowed pretty easily. My next doll will have a better one...ooh....can't wait!!!
I think the older girl needs a necklace.....maybe I have to go to the bead store after all.....
It would be a fun project to teach.
Now to get back to sculpting. I haven't done a face for so long I hope I haven't forgotten. I have an order for a baby/toddler that I need to do soon. I have one other face done that I am pretty excited about. But maybe she will have to wait until the baby gets done.
Real baby Tucker comes again today!! But only for a few hours.

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