Friday, June 5, 2009

School is done for the summer!

The girls are done with school! So of course they had to have their "School's done - let's party" party. So we had 12 girls last night for an overnighter. They all slept outside - well - don't really know if they slept.
In spite of that i still got a decent amount of work done today. I started out sculpting an Asian toddler because I had seen one that I had to do!! But without a photo I had to just memorize her face. I did but somehow the sculpt is much older than 18 months. So much for that. It is a good sculpt so I will finish her one of these days.
Tomorrow I hope to sculpt another head- this time it will just be a pretty brown-eyed girl. But who knows.....sometimes magic happens and sometimes it doesn't.!

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