Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another day..

As 4:00 am rolled around my eyes dutifully opened, ready to start the day. I really didn't want to get out of bed so I allowed myself to think, think,think.
By 4:45 I was ready to start poking around this studio. With IDEX coming up very fast I don't really have much precious time to think.
Action is what I need.
So out come the fabrics.....what a mess I can make! But maybe I have some solutions...
I am working on a three-some that need coordinating colors....a chaise lounge needs to be recovered - don't really know how to do it - should I try??
Another doll needs arms and legs but first she needs to know what she will be doing with them....
And what to wear??? She already has her sort of sad face happiness for her.
I better make her outfit very warm and cuddly....
One more doll sitting all dressed waiting for some sort of thing to wear on her head...hat? headband? Sparklies? Hopefully the answer will come in the next couple of weeks.
Next is my boy with it really a boy face? Should he be standing in the pond sort of boy? Or at the photo studio just pretending to be a boy with a boat?
Well - the oven is hot enough - time to get those arms in....

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