Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We moved into our current house about 17 years ago and I have NEVER sprayed our large yard for weeds. It was in pristine condition from the previous owners for a few years and then slowly the weeds came. We are out in the country so we didn't have to worry about neighbors looking at this grass.
I always had the excuse that I didn't want the kids stepping in the poison, or I didn't want it seeping down into the creek etc.
It has always been an embarrassment for me when I have to look at those ugly weeds and I kept saying each year - this is the year!! But that year would come and go and still ugly weeds....
Well - THIS IS THE YEAR!!! I could do just the front yard with the hose and sprayer. I bought some Ortho Weed-be-gone, got a little sprayer to attach to the hose - the weather was perfect this week - got everything all hooked up - ready to go - and a black van drives up the driveway.
Yes - grandkids.
I tried to shoo them away.
No avail.
There mom was going to work and Katie was going to babysit.
What do you think I did?
I sprayed anyways. Supposedly they will stay in the back yard which has to be sprayed with a big sprayer later.....
So anyways...back to the dolls I guess. My yard work is over for the season.

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