Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Okay, so I did a very bad thing. I listed some of these snow babies on Etsy and then i DROPPED THE PRICE. I decided that I would try to just get a few sold. They only had a very few views each so I thought nobody would remember the first price!
I know it is hard to get seen on Etsy at first so I don't know how long I will stick it out. My daughter (Ablemabel) does very well. But she has been at it a few years and her darling stuff is very affordable and very practical. Sigh.
Every year at this time I get the itch to just do Christmas stuff. Trouble is - I can't get motivated the rest of the year. I need a good Christmas show to do.....
Well, I will make more of these and if they don't sell then I have gifts to give! How good is that?

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