Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Sister

Here is my latest piece - I named it My Sister. I found a picture of my friend's on Facebook and was inspired by it! So fun!
They are all packed up waiting in my suitcase for the trip to Boston and the Dollery show. I head out early tomorrow morning. I will be traveling with Diane Keeler and meeting up with Stephanie Cauley.!!! Can't wait! It is always so fun to visit other artists and see what they have done. I always come home more determined to work harder and better!
Friday night will be an invitation-only event. What fun to watch the collectors stream in! It's like they are in a candy store!!!
Saturday will be a little more relaxed. Then Saturday night we have traditionally had a lobster feast!! Another great thing about this show!!! My once a year lobster!!!!!
I fly home on Sunday and get ready for my trip with my daughters to NYC the next Friday!!!
Talk later!

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