Friday, October 23, 2009

NYC Fabric Shopping

As I was re-reading a blog post that I had read before heading to NYC I realized that I didn't hit enough fabric stores!!! Now I wish it was only a few hours away so I could go again!
Don't get me wrong - I spent too much already.....but I hate it when I miss something.
I am happy with what I bought even though I cringe at the price per yard of this stuff. Maybe I will take a picture and post it so you can see it too!
Here are the stores I bought from:
Mood - a large store with tons of fabrics - I bought mostly silk brocades from here.
B&J Fabrics - another large store with very expensive stuff. I bought lovely laces - can't wait to use them!
Rosen and Chadick - I bought more silk and lace.
Tinsel Trading Company - tons of ribbon and fun stuff. I wanted some old metallic lace fabric but it was $175 a yard so I passed on it. But maybe someday - I can see it on an angel.....
Trim Art - more ribbon
Hyman and Hendler - expensive but I loved the ribbons.

I was looking for some really nice flowers to embellish with but was mostly disappointed. I guess I need to go back and look some more!!

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