Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy birthday doll.

Okay, seriously, I never update this thing. I must think my life is pretty boring. Nothing to talk about.
Well, today I am finishing up a doll and making a birthday cake for her. I don't do cakes very pretty so I may have to ask my daughter Jen to do it for me.
Except she has never used clay to make a cake. I haven't either I guess.
I also need a set of fancy dishes. Should I make them also? I hate to have to go shopping for little dishes that are just the perfect size....
I wish I had a little chair and table also.....
but maybe this little person will just have to sit on the floor with her cake in front of her.
Oh, yes, I have to make balloons and a birthday hat and a squeaker for her to hold.
Better get busy....!! And all that before the end of the month!
See why I never write??

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