Tuesday, January 18, 2011

IDEX is less than two weeks away and...

So here is little Cupid....all tired out. And it isn't even Valentines Day yet. Guess what I made those arrows out of.....

This is Chloe...all tucked in with her dollie.

And who can resist a sleeping lady bug? I know I can't.

This one could be my own! This is the Velveteen Rabbit doll. I think his blankie looks like an old chenille blanket. But it is glass....glitter that is....

So these are four of the little things I am bringing to IDEX. A little different from my BIG dolls. But these are fun and I am hoping some of my collectors will want to have more than one!

They are sculpted with clay and then covered with German glass glitter. I guess you probably already know that from previous blogs.

I bought some glitter from www.rosemille.com. Love it! I also bought from www.germancornerstore.com. There's is fine but I think the quality of rose mille is better. The German store has more choices.

I will post more pictures another time. I have to get back to work.

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