Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm still here! maybe I will write a little.....
So much has happened since the last post.
And here I am still buried in my studio.
I had such a rich but short time with my so wonderful family over the holidays. I got to visit most of my kids....except hoo.....well, maybe I will see her this spring!!!
Anyways....Christmas is done, Carrie's wedding is over...out of state kids have returned (and the out of country one..well, two).!
This has been a weird year in terms of my dolls. At the last IDEX show things were smoking! I had orders and was on a roll. Then spring came and it sort of started spiraling slowly down hill.
Something was wrong with the clay (Cernit). Something was wrong with my sculpting. My neck hurt, my eyes ran, my head spun.
Any decision I would make would instantly change to just the opposite.
So I took the summer off and traveled!
Well, do you know what happens when you don't sculpt for a while?? It gets even worse.
But as IDEX is still my major show I knew I had to have SOMETHING. But NOTHING was what I was getting.
But then...something happened with one of the dolls I was working on (and still not finished with)...
I started sculpting these little dolls for her (I HATE sculpting small). And dressing small things? Not for me.
Now it would'nt be fun if I told you the whole story all at once would it?

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