Thursday, December 22, 2011


So....we arrive in St. Cloud to the turn-of-the century Amtrak trail station. We have so much luggage (don't know why and don't ask) and it is soooo cold out. After a wait in the station the train pulls up and we all lug out there. We wait. And wait. And wait.
One party gets led to their car only to have on of them schlep on the ice while we all gasp. I look at the elderly waiting with their walkers and tentative steps. Wonder who will be next.
The station guy starts spreading salt while we wait some more. I go back inside since I freeze in no time flat.
Now remember this is at 12:45 am. Not exactly the best time to be out in the cold.
The train pulls a little further up the track. A few more people embark. Raino motions me to come out. I run out and we wait, and wait and wait.
The train needs to pull up again. We are told to proceed along the icy trail again. The door opens and we are told to go to the left. Now we had reserved seats but no seat numbers assigned.
We need to get our heavy luggage up the steps and into cubbies that are already full. We peek inside the car and walk around in the dark amidst sleeping people to look for empty seats. We find two empty seats together and two more single ones.
So I have to wake up one lady who jumps up like I was some scary ghost. Ashley gets to climb over her while I go sit with another kind lady who moves over for me.
Okay, train has already started moving a long time ago and we have our assorted luggage stowed - now its time to sleep. Right.
A few stops down the track two more seats empty out. Ash and Hannah grab them and we are good to go again.
Now to find comfortable postions when they weren't to be found. I did see Little Falls, Staples, Detroit Lakes and Fargo and Grand Forks. So pretty at night. JK
More later.....

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