Monday, December 5, 2011

"I will make sure their wings don't fall off".

I am babysitting Laura's little cherubs for a few days while she welcomes her new baby boy into this world.
Since her kids are early birds (like me...!) I got up extra early to get some angels made. Avery was the first one up - 6 am. So by now, 6:55 she is bored and waiting for the time to go see her baby brother.
She already read "Children Like Me" and studied the globe to figure out where they all live. She looked through my Nutcracker book (she always finds things for me to make in there). She examined the dolls in my studio and declared that they are so "beautiful"!
So now she wanted my Bosu ball from my bedroom closet. I told her she would have to get it by herself - thinking she will go back to her books. No - she said she will drag it.
So off she went and got as far as the bedroom door. She came and asked me very politely that if I would carry it to the living room for her she would watch my angels to make sure their wings didn't fall off.
Stay will be an interesting three days!

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