Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cherry blossom girls!

I really finally finished a piece! This one was tons of they all are. But they are a reminder for me that SPRING IS SOON ON ITS WAY!!! Can you tell it's been a long hard winter???!!
I should make some summer girls next.....
This piece is a little larger than some of my other doubles. The older girl is about 27" tall (well, she would be if she could stand up...). The whole piece measures about 16" tall by 20" long.
And how do you like the baby's teeth? I actually managed to make teeth and keep the mouth open!! Progress.....
I had made the baby's dress longer and then decided to shorten it so her little toes would show. I pleated all of the ribbon on the clothing and also made the frog buttons. Tedious, tedious. At least my fingers still bend.
The fabric is a soft silk brocade in a paisley pattern. I think I bought it from the lady who comes to IDEX with fabrics from Germany. I used up all that I had!
I pleated the ribbon and fabric with a couple of pleaters that I bought. One makes nice box pleats and the other one just sort of ripples the fabric.
Next I am going work on a piece that I started a while ago. She will be dressed in white.....then I can get on with the fancy girl that I promised......

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