Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rainy'Snowy Spring Break continues.

It's early, dark, wet and cold. But my studio is light and warm and I am going to be hard at work in a few moments!!! I love coming in here early in the morning! I am being thankful for this work I do and for everything I have learned over the years and all of the wonderful people I have met along the way!
I should show you some studio shots one of these days if I can ever clean up the mess long enough to snap a few.
Oh, yes, I am also babysitting for my daughter today! I will be doing that a few days a week while she finishes up her nursing program. She is being a super-mom these days!
My spring-break girls are going stir-crazy during this rainy week. We will have to do something on Thursday or Friday to break the week up a little. They have had their cousins over since Sunday so that has helped. And we did go to the Mall of America on Monday but today they will help babysit Aves and Tuck.
So I better get busy!

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