Thursday, August 19, 2010

Eeeek!! The giveaway!!

What day is it??? Did I say you had until the end of the day on WEDNESDAY?? And today is THURSDAY??
I have been cleaning my studio (you would too if you were having Swedish company tomorrow), ordering more clay, putting away jewelry making stuff, washing clothes, dyeing clothes....????
S'cuse me while I jump up to stir the yellow pot on the stove. At least if it boils over it will match my counter tops.
Yes, fall is coming and I don't want any white left in my closet. Besides don't you think three white jackets is too many?
One is turning yellow, one green and that tan one I always wear....maybe I can do it plum, gray, black...we'll see.
Anyways back to the giveaway...
Thanks so much for commenting all of you. I hope to do this again!
Will get the names now and put them in a hat and draw out one!

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