Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wedding bells

Which one will be the head of the family?

My sons and I! Don't they look tough?
Happy us!

The family who made it there! this is why I haven't updated. I am too tired from this whole summer of family fun to sit down and keep trying to write about it!
Do you remember that I once went on this long trip from Minnesota to Washington State? That was soooo long ago! Well, I did.
I had a few days to get ready to get on the road again. This time we went up to the prairies of Saskatchewan. (My kids once told me the saying to always remember how to spell Saskatchewan but I forgot it and it looks like I spelled it right since spell check didn't underline it in red.)
Have you ever driven up there? This was our first time (well, we were both up there separately waaaay back in 1974, but that is another story). Our kids have done the trip plenty of times since they have lots of friends up there.
So anyways, it is about 15 or so hours so it makes for a long day.
Son #3 (birth order, not the order of my favorites) married a very sweet and pretty Sask girl. Since she loves the prairies so much and he loves her so much my son got his dual citizenship (his father was born in B.C.) and they will reside up there for now and he can get a job right away and save his money to make a trip down here!
So now I don't have any more excuses to not get back to work.

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