Monday, June 28, 2010


Entering into a crazy-busy-fun time...lots of out-of-town family coming and friends from far away places...a three-week trip to plan (driving to Seattle with a few stops along the way) son's wedding in August waaaay up on Sask (can't remember how to spell it)...
But for now I have a studio to clean up, dolls to finish, a house to clean, meals to prepare.....
Is it a wonder my head is spinning???


Lucys Baby said...

I love your pink background on your blog. Enjoy your summer and your family.
Sounds like "Crazy-busy-fun!

I'm going to be in craft show- Anoka
RiverFest-July 10,
I'm not ready!

Sarah Niemela said...

What are you making for the craft show??