Friday, September 3, 2010

Cernit, Living Doll and Fimo

Cernit has changed - it is very pink and sort of well, different. I guess they took out the bad stuff and a new company is producing it. I have only a small amount of the good Cernit from months ago.
When I bought the new Cernit I also bought Sculpey's new clay called Living Doll and some Puppen Fimo.
I mixed 2 ozs. of Cernit with 1 oz. of Living Doll for my first sculpt after many months of not sculpting.
So far it is okay to work with. It appears to not show seams too bad and right now I am doing lots of scraping away and no bubbles are showing.
I don't know how translucent it will be.
I may try the Puppen with Cernit next.
Stay tuned....
(This is a boring blog entry if you are not a sculptor of polymer clays.....sorry.)

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