Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rain, sunflowers, ears and lunch.

Looks like I am the only one enjoying this rain around here. After five days in Phoenix the rain actually feels good! Let's hope it doesn't stick around too long.....
We had a marvelous trip (as usual) and got to see two of our long-away living girls and one new grandbaby! Well, she is not so brand new anymore but new to us!! And what a doll - loved her immediately. Now that sounds pretty lame but it was true!!
You will have to see my Facebook page to see some sunshine pictures.
My studio is humming again, nothing like getting right to work. The unpacking can wait. I am going to get on a roooooolllllllll and produce like never before!!!!

Nice ear huh?? That's what happened this morning. Now the second one better match the first one. Hope nobody checks too closely.
And now I got sidetracked again - I promised my DH he could have lunch soon. Better get off this and into the kitchen.....
And, no, I don't know why one sunflower grew so much taller than the others.

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Selma said...

That sunflower dared to be different.