Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Yesterday I made a long overdue trip to see my friend Detta. When I drove up I didn't think it was her place since the yard was full of tall trees. I just remember an open field.....man that time flies.
Anyways, she owns Detta's Spindle. I was in the mood for some Merino wool to do some felting. She has so many fibers! She is well known for spinning dog hair.
So Hannah and I came home with a bag full of COLORFUL wool....yummy!!! I hope to make some sweet little doll clothing with it.....! In the meantime I made a couple pair of real baby booties and a few bracelets. I know my girls will have fun with it so hopefully they can use it all up!

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bella's pal said...

Fun!! It would be fun to do some felting with you! When things settle down at my house I will get over there.