Monday, September 20, 2010

Speaking of Hannah...

This is for Becky who thinks I am a fun mom because I have all these girls over for a birthday party.
You don't know Hannah - she gets what she wants because she does all the arranging.
In fourth grade I forgot about her school conference (been there done that too many times) so she got the papers from her teacher and sat down to go through them individually with me.
She also was her own tooth fairy (a week of waiting was too much for her..). I did have to have a lesson on truth telling after that...
She reminded me of her upcoming birthday for probably a week in advance. I hemmed and hawed many times.
Finally the day before I gave her my full attention and told her NO SLEEPOVER. I hope I am done with them.....
So it was decided that she could have as many friends as she wanted as long as they found their own way here and it would be from 10 am to 4pm.
I left for the evening and she proceeded to bake her own birthday cake. She did it from scratch and told me it didn't turn out. It tasted like Play-doh and could I please pick up a cake mix for her?
She called all her friends, reminded me to buy her a gift and made a second cake.
Now today I find out she arranged her next year of piano lessons with our neighbor.
I think my parenting days are coming to a fast end here. Oh, that's right, still have the teenage years to get through....

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