Monday, November 15, 2010

Off to the photographer

We are off to the photographer so hopefully there will be some good pictures later.....

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Bush-Wood Art said...

Hi Sarah,
I have been struggling with myself over going to Idex. It may even be too late now. I think it would be such a great experience. But, feel that if I go away, it should be on vacation with my husband. Not very fair to him, that I get to go do something I love, and for him to sit home, January.
I have become a rep for Country Living's Caromal Colour finishes.
Plan on visiting area shops, to see if they would like to carry them. Most of the shop owners I've spoken with, aren't doing that well. So, I have been painting 15" hand milled bowls in a distressed two tone finish, they're very coll. Thinking of putting them on consignment. But, always gravitate back to the dolls or sculptures of some sort. Let me know, if it'ss too late for reg for IDEX.