Thursday, September 30, 2010

Alice in Wonderland doll and the giveaway!

Here are the photos I promised. This little girl dressed up like Alice in Wonderland playing with her white rabbit is one of my latest pieces.
She is one of my larger dolls - she sits about 14" tall. If she were standing she would be about 24".
She is a OOAK sculpted from Cernit. I needle felted the rabbit - my first try - took me a whole day!
I sewed all of the clothing. I think I spent more hours on the rabbit's little tiny stuff than on her outfit.
For those of you that are not familiar with one-of-a-kind dolls just know that everything is done from scratch. I work from the inside out when I sculpt. I have a set of drawings of kids of different ages. I use them for all of my measuring. I am not the sort of artist that can just do things from the top of my head. I need dimensions to work from.
Then I sculpt the head, arms and legs, paint them, make the body, attach everything together, make the clothes, make the wig, make (or sometimes buy) the accessories, and then SOMETIMES take it all apart and remake what I don't like!!!!
Then you have to find someone who wants it. I think I will start making dolls that I want to keep. That sounds a little easier.
Oh, yes, if you comment on her (Facebook comments are accepted also) I will do a giveaway (another set of 8 of my greeting cards) a week from today. !
One more thing - she will be available from The Dollery.


Conor and Heather said...

you are amazing!

jessica said...


Sherry said...

Your hard work paid off. She is beautiful!!

mary said...

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