Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Love my laundry guy

I really love my laundry guy. When I married him almost 36 years ago I had no idea he could do laundry! But that's what happens when an organized person doesn't do his homework and ends up with someone that is always trying to be organized but never really gets there.
Okay, so, I was there once. During the first years of our marriage when we lived in Seattle I baked, sewed, cooked, DID LAUNDRY, crafted, did art, decorated, painted, laid tile, shingled. You get the picture. Oh, yes, I was having a few babies at the same time.
For instance,we moved into a travel trailer while we built our first house. 28 feet. I bought a straw bale and MADE straw wreaths (they were the greatest thing) and then decorated them with corn husk dolls THAT I MADE. And, yes, I did it all in that trailer.
So anyways, I have always been a little weird.
My laundry piles continued to grow. There would be no end.
We moved the family to Minnesota and my organizational trend ended. It not only ended but it got worse the older I got. The laundry piles continued to grow. There would be no end.
The arts and crafts also continued. As did the babies. I can't believe what a busy life I have had. And so blessed.
But back to the laundry. Somewhere along the way it started a long slow descent. As the kids got older they of course pitched in and then they were responsible for their own. I finally got it down to everyone doing their own!
Where my laundry guy comes in......he found out that if he was going to have clean socks and also not lost socks then he better do his own laundry too.
It's sort of his fault anyways. Whenever life got me overwhelmed he told me to go make more dolls. (The dolls started in the mid-90's in case you were wondering)
So that's what I do. And our laundry gets done by my handsome and hardworking husband.
Who knew when I got married at 18 it would turn out so well.


jessica said...

it's great to have a guy that's willing to do ohmygosh the laundry! he did make the mistake once of drying my wool sweater. but guys, they learn too.

able mabel said...

I remember a time when he did the dishes too.

Anne said...

I also lived in a trailer when we were building our house. A 24 foot with a six week old baby and three other kids. We moved here in September and I think we finally moved in the house about the end of February. BUT I also sewed Raggedy Ann dolls for two of my girls that Christmas at the little table while they were napping or asleep. Man, I wish I could still do something like that! And my husband doesn't do laundry.

Tami Eveslage said...

I love my laundry guy too!