Friday, July 16, 2010

Whitefish, Montana

Okay so.....we left Livingston KOA a loooong time ago and began our second phase of this westward trip. Megan Hannah and I (Ashley stayed behind to head straight west with her cousin) drove the six hours to Whitefish MT.
We turned north out of Missoula heading to Flathead Lake. Just a mile or two from the freeway we turned a corner and encountered some BEAUTIFUL mountains that you can't see from the freeway!!!
After an hour or so we first saw Flathead Lake and we followed it for most of the trip! Beauty!!! It is huge!!
We finally found my daughter Heather's place and was very warmly welcomed by her little cherubs who began to run around the yard when we pulled up!! It's so fun to be a grandma!!
We met sweet little Owen Williams - only two weeks old! Darling! (Of course.)
Kayla, Jed, Alex and Meg - Precious! (Of course.)
This week has been busy enjoying this young family and some of what this area has to offer.
I took a couple of hikes - so fun! We went to the lake, did the alpine slides (Jed, "Oh, man what a ride"!), took the chair lift, hiked some more, shopped, took lots of pictures and tried not to let Heather get too tired.
Now Hannah and I leave tomorrow (Megan goes back home with friends) for Longview WA. It is a ten hour drive - do you think I can do it??
I will be on the freeway most of the way. We will stop when we get bored or tired and hopefully stay awake!

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