Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Seattle and beyond

Turning my trusty van northward Hannah and I navigated the heavy I-5 traffic to Sister
C's on Lake Tapps. She has a wonderful house (which her and hubby designed and built) and it overlooks the beautiful lake.
She never fails to cook up something wonderful and she did it again! (Plus she lets me share the sushi - something none of my other siblings would eat I bet.)
After a dinner of shrimp and beef kabobs we took the boat out for a nice cruise of the lake.
Another hour north I dropped off Hannah at her cousins and went to my MIL's house. She lives in Snohomish.
The next day was spent waiting for my not-so-trusy-van that wouldn't start but sometimes started to be diagnosed. After a new starter was put in it was ready to roll.
Supper that evening was spent visiting my two SIL's at Macaroni Grill. A very good time.
Friday my dear husband arrived via Delta!!! Was a glorious day! Of course he took me to my favorite Seattle fabric store: Nancy's Sewing Basket which a person could spend the day in and come out with way too many projects. I bought a few piddly pieces of white silk splendor and some trim to match. I've got to find more wholesale sources......

Saturday brought us to Ashley's confirmation. It was so nice to see the kids and know that they were well taken care of for those days at camp.

In the afternoon we of course had to go to another waterfall. This time it was Snoqualmie Falls. We had hoped to go to the bottom but it has since been closed up. We last went there in about 1974!
Leaving Seattle on Sunday morning we made our way back to Whitefish so hubby could see the our little family there. We will be back someday to stay longer, Heather. As we were going out Aaron and Anita were going in! So they will be busy this week!

Now we are home - ready for the next stage in life. Our son moves out tonight - all the way to Sask. Canada. It's weird. But somehow I suppose I will get used to it.
We leave for his wedding next week so maybe I will get this studio cleaned up and ready to roll for fall. Maybe. First I get to go see another new grandchild: Felix Anthony!!!
Better get to work.

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