Thursday, July 8, 2010

Violet stew?

Violet stew? Could be. Can we wear them? In Montana. The day before my big trip and I finally dye the shirts we have to wear for our family reunion!! But they got done and now are in the washing machine. I am hoping the dye won't all run down the drain.
If I listed everything I still have to do today you would get too bored so i will tell you that I can still multi-task. I have tons of anxieties about doing this trip and not having my wonderful strong smart protective handsome husband along. He tells me I will be fine. I just have to get that tire from keep going flat.
So later today or early tomorrow morning I will head northwest to North Dakota and that long ribbon of highway. I am taking three daughters and a van full of stuff that I probably won't need.
If I had an internet phone I could keep you posted all along the way! Maybe I will have to try out Dave's new phone once we get to the campground.
Wish me luck today that I get everything done!

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